Jon Stewart Mocks MRC Study on Media's GOP Blame for Shutdown: It's Like Blaming Floods on Water

October 4th, 2013 10:11 PM

Jon Stewart “stooped” to publicizing a Media Research Center study last night on “The Daily Show.” Actually, he mocked an MRC study by Rich Noyes as adding a bucket to Fox’s “Bull[bleep] Mountain.”

Ah, yes, Jon Stewart, the man who said “Crossfire” was ruining America with its harsh partisan talk and held a “Rally for Sanity” with his keynote address announcing “We can have animus and not be enemies.” Apparently, blaming Republicans for the shutdown is like blaming floods on water [video and transcript below]: 

STEWART: Over on bull [bleep] mountain they realize that this shutdown ain't looking so hot for one particular political party.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK [Fox & Friends clip]: According to the Media Research Center network evening news stories over the last two weeks have blamed the GOP 21 times and blamed Democrats? None.

STEWART: And they're also blaming floods on water! Not fire! And sunsets on the rotation of the earth, not giant feathered serpents who devour the sun at night. Yes, it appears during the shutdown facts are mattering.

Stewart then played a clip of Sean Hannity talking about "the liberal shutdown," and joked "the feces is strong in this one."