Leftist Radio, Bloggers Associate Ted Cruz with 'Taliban,' Want Him Dead

The Ted Cruz “filibuster” drew obvious hate from liberal talk radio. On Tuesday afternoon, Thom Hartmann proclaimed “The Republican party has become the party of suicide bombers. I mean, you go back to January 20, 2009.” Cruz is the Harvard Law version of the Taliban: “There's no chance that the Democrats are going to agree to defund Obamacare, but Ted Cruz is still leading his Taliban-style suicide-bomber charge to shut down the government if Obamacare isn't defunded.”

Then it was another night, another death wish for Mike Malloy on Senator Cruz:

MALLOY: And wing nut radio host Mark Levin or Levin said yesterday, 'the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, just stabbed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the back! Oh, what if that were true? Oh my God, oh my God! Mitch! I tell you what! I'll make you a deal! I'll provide the butcher knife!

On Tuesday, Bill Press seriously suggested the vast majority of Republican Senators think Obamacare is fabulously successful:

PRESS: We will not shut the government down over Obamacare because as a matter of fact Obamacare is doing some great things and is going to get even better. That’s what almost everybody in the Senate is saying except for two Senators, Mike Lee from Utah and of course Ted Cruz from Texas. We have not seen a bull in a china shop like Ted Cruz for a long time in the Senate because unlike Hillary Clinton, unlike Al Franken, unlike Elizabeth Warren, I mean. This is not a guy who came in keeps his head down does his job, workhorse not a show horse, gets to know people, gets to know the ropes, and then steps up. Ted Cruz has been in your face from day one and he has become the most hated man in the United States Senate.

At the Daily Kos on Wednesday , Jesse “Ministry of Truth” LaGreca ranted “Fox News has conditioned the GOP base to think that spewing forth word clouds of right wing angst is a substitute for ideas. All the things that make a Fox host someone the far right fringe can love translates into a crappy Senator who is incapable of governing...Holding America hostage to win demands you can't win in an election is something we call terrorism when foreign brown people do it.”

Somehow, LaGreca didn’t suggest the Canadian-born Latino conservative is a “foreign brown person.”

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