WashPost Humorist Would Love to Mock Obama, But Chooses Instead to Mock Conservative E-mails Against 'Maobama'

September 15th, 2013 11:12 PM

Washington Post humorist Gene Weingarten has again demonstrated that he really cannot mock his hero Barack Obama. In his latest failed attempt on Sunday, he began with a throwaway line about Obama’s “Nixonian hissy fits against leakers and whistleblowers,” but his heart wasn’t in it.

Instead, he devoted the column to a crank e-mailer named Duane Steil, and how he passes along bizarre theories like Obama’s “secret gay history.” Gene knows that many anti-Obama conservatives don’t believe Obama secretly snorting cocaine and leading a secret gay life. He just dwells on who he wants to represent conservatives:

Duane Steil is an indignant private citizen in California who bombards me (and hundreds of other media and political types, including Sean Hannity, Bob Woodward, Steve Forbes, John McCain, Glenn Beck and, for some reason, Ed Koch, who is currently dead) with daily e-mails...

In Duane’s e-mails, Obama is “Maobama.” He is “The Deceiver in Chief.” He is “Barry O’Conman.” He is a “Commie-leon,” which took me a while but appears to be a fusion of “Communist” and “chameleon.” He is the “Lying, Cheating, Stealing Hoax-In-Chief.” His aides are “Brown Shirts.” Duane’s headlines are all spectacular: “Sociopath Obama’s Undeclared World War.”

I think Obama is a socialist, not a communist, but there is no doubt he's been deceptive -- someone should ask Gene how those Obamacare promises like "you can keep your own doctor" or "you can keep your own insurance if you like it" are working out. This is how the column started:

Dear fellow Obama apologists in the lapdog liberal media:

Tough times for us! Let’s face it, our task of being unquestioning cheerleaders for the president has become a bit more difficult; Obama is getting a little harder to defend, what with his seemingly feckless foreign policy, paralyzed domestic agenda, Nixonian hissy fits against leakers and whistleblowers, not to mention the fact that he probably has some 27-year-old security analyst reading this column in real time as I am writing it.

He declared, “All you have to do is get on Duane’s mailing list. I am, and it has revitalized me in enthusiastic defense of our commander in chief.”

Previous failed attempt: in September of 2012, Weingarten mocked conservatives searching for Obama's college transcripts, imagining what these right-wing fiends were looking for: "His birth name isn’t 'Barack Hussein Obama Jr.' As politically problematic as that pseudonym proved to be, it turns out it is a significant improvement on his real name, 'DeathToAmerica Obama Jr.'”