Susan Sarandon: 'War on Drugs' Is 'Completely Racist'

Melanie Hunter of reports that on HuffPost Live on Wednesday, liberal actress Susan Sarandon called the war on drugs  “completely racist,” arguing that somehow only lower level drug defendants get locked up – “mostly people of color.”

“The war on drugs is ridiculous, because you’re only getting—you’re spending a huge amount of money. It’s completely racist. You’re picking up everybody at the lower level because mandatory minimum drug laws let you trade in to get off, so if you don’t have anyone to trade in, if you’re at the bottom, you’re going to jail," she said.

“If you’re up at the top, you just trade in somebody and then you get off, so the people at the bottom are the ones that are filling up our jails, mostly people of color. And you’re wasting taxpayers’ money, and you’re allowing drug cartels to make money,” she added.

Sarandon also advocated for the legalization of marijuana, saying “I would like to see everybody be able to smoke pot.” She added that it would produce revenue for states. “If you taxed it, we’ll see what happens in these states that have passed it. You would have a lot of income,” she said. “I mean Colorado has done studies. It could completely save our ass if we legalize just marijuana,” Sarandon said.

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