Your Day on Liberal Radio: God Allowed Gay Animals on Noah's Ark

Talkers magazine says the leftist Thom Hartmann radio show is number nine in their "Heavy Hundred," two spots below Mark Levin. But what a listener often gets is left-wing nuttiness.

On Monday's show, Phoenix-area radio host Dr. Mike Newcomb was subbing in, declaring that conservatives claim to favor individual liberty but really don't when they oppose same-sex marriage. While he and his sidekick discussed the Bible and animals being gay, Newcomb asserted that God (perhaps not all that all-knowing?) allowed some gay animals on Noah's ark:

MIKE NEWCOMB: I wonder, in Noah's ark, when God had pairs of everything, were they, were they male-female, or could they have been lesbian or homosexual couples?

ERIC REINERT: It wasn't mentioned in the Bible.

NEWCOMB: I betcha a few, a few lesbian or homosexual couples snuck through there.

REINERT: It coulda been.

NEWCOMB: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Newcomb is also nutty when it comes to conservatives in general. From his own show's "About" page:

America has been hijacked, and it's not by any terrorist organization. Arguably, the conservative movement now poses a more serious threat to our long-term security and prosperity than any fedayeen warrior.

Ronald Reagan's anti-government rhetoric started the conservative revolution, and it has become right-wing gospel. Their contempt and disdain for our great institution of American government have sown seeds of hate.

Is it any wonder that Timothy McVeigh, Osama bin Laden and extremists across the globe have joined their choir? Perhaps the Berlin Wall has fallen, but so too have the World Trade Centers.

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