Randi Rhodes: Republicans Are 'Meth Heads' Who Want to 'Tank Our Economy'

On her radio show Monday, liberal host Randi Rhodes had an extended rant against Republicans and their policy advice of tax reductions for job creators.

“I mean, we're going crazy with this thing about corporations are more important than humans. Corporations more important than educating a kid. Corporations are more important than border security. Corporations are more important than, you know, flying safely. Really?” No, not really.  Then she complained the Republicans are “meth heads”:

The dumbness of them and the lack of strategy and ideas from them have the potential to do to us once again what they have already done before and that is, tank our economy. They are very good at breaking things! They are like - they are tweakers - very very good at taking things apart, terrible, terrible at putting things back together or solving problems! We are being governed by meth heads!

Rhodes then shifted to comparing Republicans to pyromaniacs on her website's show update for Tuesday:

Allowing the sequester would be a disaster, but the American public doesn’t seem too concerned about it. The American public has something they should call Republican Manufactured Crisis Fatigue Syndrome. It’s kind of hard to get worked up over a problem that would disappear if people just act rationally. The problem is that some of those people have to be Republicans.

Republicans tend to take most of the blame whenever there’s a government shutdown. That’s because, without Republicans, there never would be a government shutdown. Hello! If there’s a fire, the first person you blame is the known pyromaniac. Something burned down? Chances are it’s that guy who is always lighting matches and giggling.

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