CNN's Tired 12-31 Rerun: 'Comic' Kathy Griffin Needles Cooper

Don Kaplan of the New York Daily News reports "She’s a real New Year’s skeeve — but CNN’s Anderson Cooper loves her anyway. Trash-talking Kathy Griffin heads back to Times Square on Tuesday for her fifth turn co-hosting CNN’s coverage of the big bash with Cooper" on December 31.

“Each year I keep thinking she’s not going to get rehired, and then there she is back again,” Cooper told the Daily News.

Of course, he's kidding: “I actually love doing it with her. She’s a handful because we never know what she’s going to say or do. It makes me nervous every time — I sweat tremendously during the broadcast.”

Kaplan wrote that in 2008, Griffin asked if she could “get a pap smear from Dr. Sanjay Gupta” and called Glenn Beck a “heroin-addict Mormon.”


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