Daily Kos: NRA Promotes Second Amendment Like a 'Cargo Cult' and a 'Suicide Pact'

While conservatives focus on David Gregory’s stunt-filled grandstanding with NRA VP Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press, "Hunter" at the Daily Kos was cartooning the NRA beyond recognition: “The primary goal of the interview appeared to be to make sure all of America knew that the National Rifle Association had, indeed, devolved into a 2nd Amendment cargo cult.

No one was concerned about the murder of children, he announced, because “everybody's far, far more worried that this mass murder might slightly impact their own personal gun hobbies and fetishes—and we can't have that. We care about murdered children, sure, but not that much.” (Emphasis in the original.)

Hunter began:

Just in case you were worried that the NRA was going to reflect on their bats--t crazy news conference that was so roundly seen as so repulsive and ridiculous that, among the set of Americans that do not have their own meth labs and partake generously of the stuff themselves, it was thought to be maybe the final thing that made people think the NRA did not actually give a s--t about preventing mass murders, NRA head Wayne LaPierre made the Sunday talk show rounds to emphasize that yes, he really did mean all of it.

He concluded by joking that LaPierre was perhaps Satan-possessed like the girl in "The Exorcist" movie, so appalled by his opponents that “his head spun around and he projectile vomited pea soup all over David Gregory. So in this debate, we now have the answer from the gun manufacturers' lobby. When it comes to the NRA, at least, the 2nd Amendment is indeed a suicide pact.”

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