Sunday Hype: Reuters Claims a 'Romney Drubbing,' Plays Up Talk of a GOP 'Death Spiral'

Reuters is trying to take a tight presidential election and turn it into a huge loss for the Republicans. Their headline of a Sunday-show roundup is "Republicans say party needs revamp after Romney drubbing." Losing by ten points might be a drubbing, but not by 51 to 48. That's more of an "Obama squeaker" than a "Romney drubbing."

Reuters also takes Sen. Lindsey Graham's panic on NBC over Republicans being "in a death spiral with Hispanic voters" and highlights it with a heading "DEATH SPIRAL."  It makes it sound like 2012 was more of a "wave election" than 2010. The story began with Gov. Bobby Jindal whapping Romney:

The Republican Party needs to stop insulting voters and broaden its appeal after Democratic President Barack Obama won re-election this month over Mitt Romney with overwhelming support from Hispanics, blacks and single women, top Republicans said on Sunday...

"If we want people to like us, we have to like them first. And you don't start to like people by insulting them and saying their votes were bought," Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, told the "Fox News Sunday" program.

Reuters left out what Jindal said next on Fox:

Let the Democratic Party be the party that says demography is destiny, that says we are going to divide people by race, by gender, by class. We as a Republican Party, believe our conservative principles are good for every single voter. It's not just a marketing campaign. It's not just having better PR folks. We're going to go and convince and fight for every single vote, showing them we are the party for the middle class, upward mobility. We don't start winning majorities and winning elections by insulting our voters.

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