On Facebook, the Wife of Top WashPost Editor Calls the Paper 'The Place Where You Can’t Speak Truth to Power'

Andrew Beaujon at Poynter.org unearthed unhappiness inside The Washington Post. Former Los Angeles Times reporter Maggie Farley is married to outgoing Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli (he’s being reassigned inside the company). In a public posting on Facebook Tuesday evening, she lamented “how has The Washington Post of Watergate fame has become the place where you can’t speak truth to power?”

On Tuesday, Post publisher Katharine Weymouth told Beaujon that Brauchli “decided to step down.”  He added: "This doesn’t definitively refute that explanation, but it leaves a nasty dent." In her Facebook lament, Farley suggested the Post now has little dedication to "superior journalism as an essential part of our democracy," as if big staff cuts are looming under incoming editor Martin Baron (Facebook image below):

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