Gay XM Radio Host Tells Pro-Romney Caller to Buy Arsenic And Drink It

Via the blogger Gay Patriot, we learn about some hate speech from Sirius XM "Out Q 108" radio host and gay-left activist Michelangelo Signorile. He told off a self-proclaimed gay man from Utah who said he voted for Romney in early voting. Signorile recognized the caller as a repeat caller, and insulted him: "You are the epitome of a low-information voter, Wes. You should not be allowed to vote."

But he also told the caller that he should go down to the drug store and buy some arsenic to commit suicide, since it would be less awful than the "slow painful death" President Romney would apparently administer (audio below)

SIGNORILE [at about 2:15]: He [Romney] does not think gay people should be protected from discrimination. Now you went and voted for him. It would have been much easier to go to the store, and buy some arsenic, and make a potion and take it. You know what I mean? ... Because that would have been much easier that waiting for the slow painful death that Mitt Romney will bring.

In case this seemed a bit metaphorical, he repeated this death-wish attack line a few minutes later: "Like I said, Wes, go to the drug store. There are plenty of things you can get. It’ll put you to sleep really, really easily. Okay? Because that would be a better way than the convoluted, twisted way you’re doing it. "

This is how Signorile describes his own show: "Every weekday afternoon, Michelangelo Signorile takes on the right-wing gasbags (as well as their enablers in the media) with hard-hitting analysis and commentary — and with just enough laughter at the sheer lunacy that often passes for political discourse in America."

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