WashPost Mocks the Old Idea That Ellen DeGeneres Might Have a Bit of a 'Gay Agenda'

Back in May, afternoon talk show host Ellen DeGeneres put on a couple of little red-headed boys, and one said he favored the president, because "Barack Obama said that men and men can marry each other and woman and woman can marry each other and I think that’s right." Naturally, whooping applause followed. DeGeneres then said "I really like you."

It's scenes like this that make you roll your eyes when The Washington Post writes a puff piece about Ellen winning the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Award that remembers those dark old days when some TV stations weren't sure they wanted to air the Ellen show because "owners were leery that she might have some sort of 'gay agenda.'"  (Duh.) The only conservative note in the piece was that distasteful Jerry Falwell:

It was no secret to family and friends that she was gay -- she told her mother when she was 20 -- but when she came out publicly on television, it turned into a nightmare. Jerry Falwell dubbed here 'Ellen Degenerate,' and she became, for a time, a lightning rod for sexual politics.

"It was hard for me seeing my little sister treated like that," Vance DeGeneres remembers. "You get that playground feeling, 'Hey Falwell, meet me at the flagpole.'"

As usual, you have the distinct impression that liberals have a reaction for the social-conservative viewpoint: they want it punched in the face. The Post certainly won't give it more than two words of insult. Their denial that there's anything called a "gay agenda" is a denial of reality, and a denial of everything lobbies like GLAAD or the Human Rights Campaign are doing in America.

The headline on the cover of the Sunday Style section: "So funny, so nice, but it wasn't always so easy for Ellen." [Emphasis theirs.]

Neely Tucker sure knows how he likes insults for conservative Christians. On his Twitter page, he liked to an Onion satire: Obama: 'Help Us Destroy Jesus And Start A New Age Of Liberal Darkness'.

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