Is Al Gore Proud He Made TV Safe for Stephanie Miller's Playground Taunts at Paul Ryan?

In his book The Assault on Reason, Al Gore lamented "The world of television ... makes it virtually impossible for individuals to take part in what passes for a national conversation.” Now his channel, Current TV, is the home of juvenile playground talk. On Friday after the vice presidential debate, Current host Stephanie Miller cracked, “Can you imagine him as President, Paul Ryan? He looked about twelve.” Guest John Fugelsang replied: “I called Child Protective Services, 'cause I saw an old man beating up a twelve year old boy.”

The morning of the debate, they also mocked Ryan. Miller said, “Paul Ryan said yesterday, the Vice President’s going to come at me like a cannonball. Oh little Eddie [Munster], don’t poo yourself!”

Karl Frisch, the pundit/matador of “Bullfight Strategies,” added, “Just remember, he thinks marbles are cannonballs he’s so little.”

The hat trick of childishness came last Tuesday, when Miller applauded the scribblings of her regular guest Lee Papa, who calls himself  "The Rude Pundit."

MILLER: My favorite post of Rude’s this week is regarding Paul Ryan.

CHRIS LAVOIE, sidekick: Oh God!

MILLER: And it is entitled simply "Paul Ryan is a Little Bitch," which I know is rude.

JIM WARD, sidekick: Isn’t that wonderful, Eddie [Munster].

LAVOIE: But it’s true.

MILLER: I just love, you wrote: ‘So yesterday, Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan appeared on Fox "News" Sunday with Mike Wallace's gallstone named Chris. Ryan was there because his role at this point in the election cycle is to be a little bitch. Not a manwhore, but a little, yappy bitch dog, Mitt Romney's Papillon, ready to leap into his master's lap and just yelp little bitchy barks at whoever dares to move close to them.’ It’s true.

Papa also wrote that "Ryan yipped like a fox terrier that got into the meth stash." Isn't Al Gore proud that he's adding to the "national conversation" with this? Stephanie Miller calls herself "Mama," but she hasn't felt moved to have children, because she hasn't grown up yet.

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