'Seinfeld' Star Announces 'Man Crush' On Obama In Iowa, Mangles Town Names

NBCNews.com reported its old Seinfeld star Jason Alexander appeared as a surrogate for Barack Obama in the small town of Adel, Iowa last week and  told the crowd of “about 50"  he has a "man crush" on Obama, “who he said he has met several times.” Alexander then went to Twitter and incorrectly thanked people in "Arel" and "Neceda" for meeting him. (He was in Nevada, Iowa, as well as Adel.)

Alexander insisted he wasn’t some snobby rich Hollywood guy that mangles the names of small towns, but is still "hardcore middle class": 

“I am hardcore middle class.  And I stepped in a puddle.  And that puddle was called, Seinfeld,'" Alexander told his fellow Obama fans. “I do not want to live in that one percent.  I don't believe in it...I don't think our country, or any country, runs well when the one percent is thriving and the rest are suffering and struggling.”


Later, in an interview with NBC News, Alexander praised Obama as a man of "conviction" and "principle," though he allowed that such lofty considerations would be beyond the reach of the man he played on television during the 1990's.

"George would probably think he was the only savior for this entire race.  He would step forward as a write-in candidate," Alexander said.

PS: Back in July after James Holmes shot up a theatre in Colorado, we reported Alexander wrote a long tweet
suggesting he's received tweets from the "extreme right" with dark overtones of government control, he also suggested "these people" are okay with the government enslaving "liberals, homosexuals, and democrats" -- but not "God-fearing" militia types. One can guess NBC News didn't ask about that.

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