Liberal Radio Host Calls Romney a Mentally Ill 'Millionaire Toad' and 'Criminal'

Sitting in for Ed Schultz on his national radio show Monday, trial lawyer Mike Papantonio was suggesting Mitt Romney is mentally ill: "It's not just that Mitt is seriously slipping in the polls. Lately it appears that Mitt is slipping mentally, psychologically, to the point that, you know, almost a shot of Thorazine and a month's vacation might be his campaign's best hope. Let the poor character has a rest 'cause he's coming unglued."

And Romney's a criminal: "His personal tax coverup in offshore bank accounts are still producing a storyline that's making Mitt look more and more like an arrogant, aloof, indifferent, disconnected, millionaire toad, but also, it's making him look like a cheap crook, that he is! The man's a criminal, I've said it from day one, he's a criminal, but now this narrative's making him look like a criminal." The Pap smears even extended to the Democratic Underground favorite that Romney allegedly painted himself browner for the Univision interview:

Look, this guy put makeup, brown makeup on his face so he would look Mexican when he went to speak to a Latino audience. This would be the equivalent of Obama putting white pancake on his face! Pancake powder when he goes to talk to the Heritage Foundation. We would ask for the guy to step down.

And the reason it's important is this is a man who is want to (sic) move into the position of world leader. What would we do if, if, if Obama showed up and said, look, I gotta go talk to white, a bunch of white billionaires at the Heritage Foundation and we had a film of him putting white pancake makeup on his face. Wouldn't that scare the hell out of you?! Wouldn't you say, oh my God?! Well that's what we see here. This is a guy who put on brown Mexican-looking, so he'd look Mexican in front of a Latino audience.

This is a guy who's talking about his campaign being a different person than he is. This is the kind of stuff that shrinks write books about! This is the kind of stuff, you look at a DSM-IV, which is a diagnosis for mental illness, Mitt's gonna be in there somewhere, baby! That's why this is an important story!

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