Seriously? Obama Tells Time: Like Mitt, I Take My Faith Seriously

Pardon the delay, but this Time magazine interview with Obama for the September 10 edition has to be quoted. Time’s Michael Scherer only asked process questions about why the Republicans haven’t come along with Obama. But Scherer ended with “I wonder if you could point to a couple of other things in his record and things he has accomplished that you actually admire. “

Jaws should drop as Obama said he appreciates Romney’s commitment to participating in church, just as Obama.....does? He likes that Romney “walks the walk,” and no one questions if Obama does a lot more walking on the golf course than at church:

OBAMA: I think he takes his faith very seriously. And as someone who takes my Christian faith seriously, I appreciate that he seems to walk the walk and not just be talking the talk when it comes to participation in his church.

Then he said they have fundamental differences on how to grow an economy – as if Obama has demonstrated any skill at that. The arrogance is amazing as Obama says “the facts” are on his side, and the election is over whether the voters will opt for “the facts,” or accept Republican fictions:

OBAMA: This isn’t a matter of who is more patriotic or who is more empathetic toward people or who is nicer. It’s a hardheaded assessement of what makes our economy grow. And the facts are on my side in this argument.  The question is whether while we’re still digging out of this hold that we found ourselves in, that the facts will win the day.

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