Amazing! Al Sharpton Accuses Romney of Cynically Speaking Out During Riots and Violence

Rev. Al Sharpton became infamous as someone whose hot racial rhetoric caused riots and violence, not calmed them down. But on his radio show Keepin' It Real on Thursday, Sharpton accused Mitt Romney of cynically and opportunistically speaking out a bad time. (Takes one to know one?)

"We have a situation now that is ugly in the Middle East. You have a dead U.S. Ambassador, three others that are dead. You have a clearly anti-Islamic film that is all over the Islamic world that again depicts this country as anti-Islam. You have protests in Egypt as well as Yemen now and an investigation going on in Libya," Sharpton said. "Is this a time for American political figures to be taking shots at each other and playing politics?"

Sharpton also claimed:

"The cynical opportunistic use of this to score cheap political points and to lie about how the President sympathizes with those that are un-American is indicative of what they’ve done all along to try to make him un-American, other than American. I mean, it is the ugliest and most cynical use of politics that I’ve seen and Romney has doubled down!

He has not even backed up in light of the fact that a United States Ambassador is dead, three United States diplomats are dead and he had jumped the facts way before anything had occurred.

At this sensitive time, Sharpton insisted it was time for progressive media outlets to counter the right-wing lies on talk radio and Fox News:

We have to counter this. If cannot counter it, there’s no way for people to understand what the truth is. Because you have a lot of people that listen to these right-wing radio people, a lot of people that are listening to Fox, and if there’s no balance on the other side – or truth-telling, we don’t need balance, just the truth! – people will operate under a lie, thinking it’s the truth.

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