L.A. Times Writer: Romney Should Just 'Triple Down' and Campaign With Koran-Burning Pastor

Long-time Los Angeles Times media reporter James Rainey seems to have "graduated" to writing snarky commentaries against Republicans, in this case on how Romney can "triple down" on his Libyan-consulate remarks.

"Mitt Romney’s campaign to make the world safe for anti-Muslim hate speech breaks new ground for a presidential nominee. But why won’t the former governor of Massachusetts take his brand of audacious truth-telling to its logical conclusion?," he wrote. "I’m recommending, of course, a joint rally featuring Christian Pastor Terry Jones and his proxy, former Massachusetts Gov. Romney." Somehow, the attention-starved Koran-burner and Romney are two peas in a pod:

Jones could talk about why it’s so important to show that Muhammad has sexual designs on any warm object that isn’t bolted to the ground. And Mitt of Massachusetts could talk about why it’s so important to protect the right of Americans to don silly beards and costumes to dramatize such views.

The lawyers over at the ACLU are just aces on this sort of argument. Why not throw them into your pro-video rally, Gov. Romney? The ACLU guys have already defended the Nazis marching in Skokie, Ill., and all manner of other misguided souls who, after all, have a constitutional right to be misguided. The conservative base is bound to love this sort of appeal. 

He was even more stark on Twitter: "Cockeyed Mitt Romney takes Libya tragedy & finds way to side with moronic Pastor Terry Jones. #Leadfrom behind" And: "Couple more election models favoring Barack Obama. Maybe why Mitt Romney is going off half-cocked on Libya." 

[Hat tip: Gary Hall]

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