Daily Kos on Uppers: Just Hours From Gallup Finding '20 Point Democratic Bounce'

The left-wing hysteria over how well the Democratic Convention is going has completely overtaken the senses of bloggers scribbling at the Daily Kos. In his regular “Cheers and Jeers” blog, the gay activist and “booger of change” known as Bill in Portland, Maine can already see a massive polling bounce approaching:

CHEERS to Night 3 This is it, kids," he wrote. "The final night before Gallup announces the 20-point Democratic bounce.  First, from the Scranton suburb of Delaware...weighing in at give-or-take 180 pounds: Joe ‘Scrappy Pappy Mad Dog Ham Bone Unleash Him and Turn Him Loose’ Biden! "

Portland Bill also loved Wednesday night:

CHEERS to Night 2.  The longer this Democratic convention goes on, the more it makes the Republican hootenanny look like a bunch of six year olds eating Play-doh in a treehouse.  Sandra Fluke took apart Rush and Republican misogynists in Congress.  Elizabeth Warren took apart Wall Street and the middle-class dismantlers in Congress.  And Bill Clinton took apart the tea party and Karl Rove's Super PAC (even naming names)....

Strangely, he then wrote "JEERS to President Perv P. Pervert." That would be George W. Bush , who said in 2004 "Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country." Bill added, "Keith Olbermann's two-word reaction is still priceless. We gotta get that boy another gig." The two words were "Alrighty then."

Keith will probably get another talk-show gig when the Democrats get a 20-point bounce.

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