Fla. Reporter Who Slimed Chick-fil-A Fans as Paranoid Haters Resigns From His Newspaper

JimRomenesko.com has updated the story of the Fort Myers, Florida reporter who dissed the Chick-fil-A crowd on Appreciation Day on his Facebook page -- writing that “the level of hatred, unfounded fear and misinformed people was astoundingly sad” -- has resigned.

Fort Myers News-Press reporter Mark Krzos pulled that post and left Facebook. His editor, Terry Eberle, told News-Press and Romenesko readers the post was “completely inappropriate” and that “we will take strong and appropriate action.” Krzos resigned after a meeting with Eberle. But Krzos has a leftist poet on his side, protesting the "corporate kidnapping of free speech":

the News-Press in on the breach

taking away their reporter’s rights

and the public is letting it go down without a fight,

Posting on Facebook is freedom of the press,

and Gannett has their employees under duress,

but it’s OK they’ll be a new story next week

about how real estate scams get by without a squeak

and paradise is getting the leprosy

they know history repeats its amnesia quite memorably.

Truth-tellers become scapegoats

and liars become politicians

and a lying press is a magnet for advertising success

so open your minds to their omissions.

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