Now, Spike Lee Thinks Hopes For Obama Were 'Way Too High'

On Friday, CNN anchorman Don Lemon rolled tape and asked filmmaker Spike Lee if the expectations for Obama were too high. Lee said “Yes. He was the savior, black Jesus. I don't care who it was, I mean, expectations were way too high. What somebody can deliver knowing how politics works and knowing that you have to deal with the Congress.”

But who on earth was silly enough to suggest he was “Black Jesus”? That would be Spike Lee on MSNBC in 2008:

LEE, 2008: It’s very simple, you have B.B, Before Barack, A.B. After Barack....I think it was pre-, de-ordained, whatever you wanna call it. I’m not gonna say it’s God, but this is not a mistake this is happening now. This is not a mistake it’s happening, that he’s here when this country is at its lowest in many, many years.

Now the Congress has somehow stolen the aura from “Black Jesus” and blocking everything:

LEE: In my opinion, a Congress that's solidifies whatever you do we're blocking it. We're blocking. Every breath we take we're going to do what we can that you don't get a second term. Bottom line, if it hurts America in the process, tough business.

LEMON: Do you think he's lived up to the promises?

LEE: Look, the man's not perfect. Who's perfect? My wife and I had fundraiser at our house. We raised over a billion dollars for him. He has my full support and I'm going to do what I can to help that he gets a second term in office.

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