Hollywood Reporter Claims 'Hard-Right' Ryan Favors 'Repealing the New Deal, And Then Some'

The Hollywood Reporter posted an “analysis” headlined “Romney VP Pick Could Finally Galvanize Hollywood: Rep. Paul Ryan's Hard-Right Ideology May Rekindle the Entertainment Industry's Enthusiasm for Obama.”

Tina Daunt
sounded like an overwrought direct-mail writer for Democrats: “His proposed federal budget has become virtually an article of faith on the GOP right and supporting it was one of the ritual obeisances Romney had to make to reassure conservatives about his views. It’s not, however, a document likely to win many friends in liberal Hollywood, since it essentially involves repealing the New Deal -- and then some.” She also touted anti-Ryan tweets from celebs:

"The worst thing about the modern Republican Party is how they force millions of us to vote for Democrats," comedian John Fugelsang quipped.

George Lopez joked: "@MittRomney I believe you just locked down the Latino Vote!"

Isn't it amusing that Hollywood types would find the use of the term "hard left" to be a disturbing sign of returning McCarthyism, but throws around "hard right" like it's scientifically describing the obvious? Liberals simply cannot stand the idea that anyone would be given a choice that allows voluntary ideas instead of mandates. Private accounts through Social Security is somehow "repealing the New Deal," even if the program remains.

Daunt proclaimed Ryan "brings a great deal of philosophical baggage to the table," like handing out Ayn Rand's books of “systematic selfishness” as Christmas gifts. She dared to assert to Hollywood is filled with "self-made men and women" that still didn’t build their own careers, as the president insists:

The town’s core values are of the liberal persuasion rooted in the New Deal and a Ryan inflected government, critics say, would upend its legacy. Moreover, for all its wealth, Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry is filled with self-made men and women, many of whom have had to rely on public services at various times or who had family members who do.

It’s also a community whose very survival depends on keeping in touch with the values of middle class Americans [???], and Ryan’s proposals would fundamentally alter their entire relationship to the government.

In other words, Ryan may raise ideological conservatives’ spirits, but he’s more likely to frighten the rest of America -- including Hollywood, where politicos have raised about $12 million for Obama and the Democratic National Committee this election season.

The prospect that a hard-right firebrand might be, as Romney said during his announcement Saturday, “the next President,” seems likely to send the entertainment industry’s anxiety level -- and, therefore, its activism and fundraising -- through the roof.

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