Daily Kos, Leftist Tweeters Blame Sikh Shooting in Wisconsin on 'Rightwing Hate Radio'

Twitchy has identified leftists on Twitter blaming the multiple murders at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee on Rep. Michele Bachmann and "racists like her."  (Does it matter that Sikhs aren’t Muslims, as the Left tried to explain when Sikhs were singled out after 9/11?) One insisted “RUSH, BACHMANN, HANNITY, BECK, SAVAGE, etc. All have blood on their hands.”

Over at the Daily Kos blog, the diarist known as “xxdr zombiexx” is blaming “rightwing hate radio and general media” for the shooting. Even the liberal media is being blamed because they don't think whites can be terrorists (hello, McVeigh?):

So it is smelling more like a hate crime or act of domestic terrorism which many are suggesting is long overdue is crimes that seem like this one.

The distinction is important because, in all seriousness, the media seems to go well out of its way to avoid the notion that white folks could do anything similar to terrorist acts, when it's a very significant part of the pattern.

This guy, according to witnesses quoted above took out some of their Holy People, priests. If true it would lend further weight tot the idea this was designed to disrupt the whole community.

I think this should again draw attention to rightwing hate radio and general media: I think these incidents occur because, all other things being equal, they feel somehow justified and/or something has finally triggered their cork to pop.

The Kosmonaut was working off a CNN news item, which identified the suspect as “a bald, white man, dressed in a white T-shirt and black pants and with a 9/11 tattoo on one arm -- which “implies to me that there's some level of hate crime there.’” The implier was a local Sikh. A 9/11 tattoo is proof of a hate crime?

This is the same blogger that claimed in February that "Santorum is a MAJOR LEAGUE hater and member of the American Taliban. These folks fear the significant uptick in anti-gay violence that would ensue in the (grossly unlikely) event of a Santorum victory."

The next week, he added more of the same "American Taliban" stuff that the blog boss Markos Moulitsas has been cooking for years:

Republicans, as most of us who see things clearly have known since the Bush Years, have wanted to turn [the U.S.] into a version of the Handmaid's Tale, a hardass Christian Theocracy that would seem different from Islamic customs only because of the clothing people wear and the general absence of beards....as well as the blinding whiteness of the Republican party and the 1%.

Their ugly and mean-spirited war on women - assailing personal choice, forcing them through all manner of humiliations, assailing Planned Parenthood; the list is endless - is absolutely no different than some cave-dwelling Mullah in Afghanistan howling about men not growing their beards or throwing acid on the faces of girls attending school.

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