Once Again, ABC News and Team Obama Meet at the Marriage Altar

Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard reports that ABC campaign reporter Matthew Jaffe married Obama campaign deputy press secretary Katie Hogan in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Saturday. This would be the second ABC-Obama union, after OMB director Peter Orszag and ABC correspondent Bianna Golodgryga. These camps are very cozy.

ABC touts Jaffe has “traveled around the country covering the Republican primary, from the Iowa Straw Poll to the various debates to this year's primaries and caucuses” with an emphasis on the Latino vote, since he also reports for the Spanish-language channel Univision. The news from the wedding first broke in Politico:

Katie Hogan, an Obama campaign deputy press secretary, and Matt Jaffe, a former Spanish teacher covering ’12 campaigns from Chicago, jointly for ABC News and Univision. ObamaWorld attendees included Grant Campbell, Ben Finkenbinder, Caroline Hughes, Kate Kochman, Ben LaBolt, Katie Lillie, Katie McCormick Lelyveld and Tim Skoczek. Media types included ABC’s Jon D. Garcia, Rick Klein, Ben Krolowitz, John Parkinson, Emily Stanitz and Karen Travers, plus Mike Memoli of the L.A. Times/Chicago Tribune.

Halper added "Jaffe and Hogan appear to have registered for wedding gifts at Bloomingdales and Crate & Barrel. A search of BarackObama.com reveals that the newlyweds have not registered with the Obama campaign, which would have allowed well-wishers to send cash donations to the campaign instead of getting wedding gifts."

Katie Hogan Matthew Jaffe
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