MTV, Dan Savage To Produce Documentary on Gay Candidate School

Sex columnist Dan Savage and his crew from the "It Gets Better" unit at MTV have announced their will be producing a documentary with the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund about how successful progressive LGBT political candidates are shaped at their Victory Institute.

One can understand how MTV might think their audience would like a show with lots of raunchy sex chatter, but will MTV watchers really be mesmerized by a documentary on political candidate training? Savage wants to highlight the "groundbreaking" attempt to put gay candidates over the top:

“This is uncharted territory,” said Savage.  ”We’re seeing progress on LGBT issues, but in order to effect real change, representation in government is essential.  Aspiring LGBT candidates face a unique set of hurdles on the way to political office.  The goal of this project is to follow a number of LGBT political candidates, and highlight Victory’s groundbreaking approach to helping them win.”

Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund and Institute, said the project will highlight the stories that lead to careers in public service.  ”Out officeholders are crucial leaders in our fight for equality.  We look forward to partnering with this talented team of producers and filmmakers to lift the veil on how these men and women learn to run and win.”

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