If It Were Bush? Obama Goofs and Says Fainting Audience Needs 'Paralegals'

Joe Newby at Examiner. com noted that the media that loves gaffes that make Republican look dumb somehow goes missing in action when Obama goofs. At a speech in Roanoke on Friday night, as more than 20 people fainted or struggled in the heat, Obama blurted out "the paralegals" would be coming to help.

Newby wrote, "A Google search at the time of this writing found that the gaffe has gone unreported by the so-called 'mainstream media.'", My own "all news" Nexis search confirms Obama wasn't tagged for this remark: 

OBAMA: Now, before I finish, can I say, by the way, that some of you have been standing for a while and I see a couple folks slumping down a little bit. Make sure you're drinking water. Bend your knees. Don't stand up too straight. The paralegals will be -- the paralegals? (Laughter.) You don't need lawyers. (Laughter.) The paramedics will be coming by, so just give folks a little bit of room, they'll be fine.

Perhaps if ObamaCare would be fully implemented, you might need paralegals before you get health care. CBS noticed it, but didn't go beyond a tweet.

"Catching his mistake," CBS Radio reporter Mark Knoller tweeted, Obama corrected himself and told the crowd, "you don't need lawyers."

..."Obama, meaning to say paramedics are available if anyone feels weak, says "paralegals" are around. Crowd laughs along with him," tweeted Roanoke Times Live.

The folks at Twitchy have now been picked up on an MSN aggregator, but as usual, Obama's errors are always seen as far too tiny (or don't fit the smart-liberal narrative).

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