Leftist Talkers, Bloggers Find Conservatives Richly Deserve Colorado Fires, Florida Floods

Natural disasters have a way of bringing out the worst on the Left. Flooding in Florida and wildfires in Colorado “inspired” nutty talk-show host Mike Malloy and the Daily Kos to rant about how conservatives in these states deserve these disasters because they’re anti-government, and too religious to boot.

Malloy teased from his atheist worldview, “Could that be, you know, Jesus or God saying hey, you know, we're sick of you right-wingers. We're sick of you religious nuts. We're gonna -- we're gonna flood you, we're gonna burn you?” Malloy mused maybe God was punishing the Christians at the Air Force Academy:

Does anyone pay any attention to the irony of all this, the Air Force Academy the most Christer organization in the U.S. military? This is the organization, the U.S. military academy that teaches their young pilots in training or whatever they're going to be in the Air Force -- mechanics, pilots, who knows -- that Muslims are of Satan and they are on a crusade and a mission? Right? So, if any of that is true, I guess Jesus or God heard that and decided, uh, naah, I don't like what you guys are doing and started throwing fireballs! Could that be -- could that be possible?

Malloy compared the fires (with a Reverend Wright echo) to Dresden and Tokyo, where our armed forces “incinerated” Germans and Japanese. Then came Florida:

Meanwhile in a real conservative, just nasty conservatism – uh, north Central Florida – BOOM! Being flooded out. Could that be, you know, Jesus or God saying hey, you know, we're sick of you right-wingers. We're sick of you religious nuts. We're gonna -- we're gonna flood you, we're gonna burn you? I mean, isn't this what the right wing Christians usually say? When somebody says - well, he, you know, was he saved before the fireball hit him? He wasn't? Hmm, must be God - you know, God work in strange ways his wonders to reveal, heh-heh.


Mike also brought up recent tornadoes in the “Bible Belt” Midwest and explained that the believers talk of an angry Old Testament God and his vengeance:

This is a really, belligerent, nasty, hate-filled, saturated-with-drunken-power God! So could it be? Is it possible? Do you suppose within the realm of religious insanity that this God decided to burn the living hell out of Colorado and flood the living hell out of North Florida and smash the central United States with tornadoes?...
What I just said is nonsense, utter nonsense. The fires are burning because nobody paid any attention to global warming. The fires are burning because the residents of the state of Colorado decided, 'we're not going to pay no goddamn taxes! Same thing for the people in north central Florida. 'We don't want no flood control! We don't want anything! Get outta here, government!' That's the cause.

In a similar vein at the Daily Kos, the blogger “Greendem” wrote a post headlined “Colorado Springs, Rescuing Conservative Paradise.”

As the flames approach the VERY conservative city of Colorado Springs we are reminded that this is one of the proud beachheads the Tea Party movement.

The Wall Street Journal says it's "Taking Small Government to the Extreme." The town is strapped for cash, but voters have rejected a tax increase, urging the government to slash services instead. Letters to the town council and local newspapers are pouring in, demanding that community centers be closed, the police department shrunk, and city-owned utilities sold off....

Perhaps as disaster is about to strike their city, these folks may wish there was a little more government around.

Thankfully, President Obama is traveling there soon. He is bringing the full force of the government to help this community.

They should thank the generous US taxpayer for coming to their rescue.

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