USA's New Miniseries Stars Former First Lady Character Turned Secretary of State...

TV Guide is touting a "provocative new miniseries" on USA called Family Politics, starring Sigourney  Weaver as a former First Lady who becomes Secretary of State.

"Although she has three names and a philandering ex-husband, Elaine is not based on you-know-who."

“I had to get over the slight feeling of ‘Oh, it’s Hillary,’ which she really isn’t,” says Weaver,citing inspiration from countless women in power, including a childhood headmistress and yes, Mrs. Clinton. “We need more female leaders like Hillary...women bring a different spirit to leadership. It’s much more ‘Roll up your sleeves and let’s get it done.’”

The executive producer, Greg Berlanti -- who brought some serious liberal preaching to his ABC series Brothers and Sisters -- is definitely a Clinton fan.

“There’d never been a former first family on TV before, so I thought it would be interesting to look at what it means to be ‘out of power’,” says the self-professed political junkie. “There’s also a lot of wistfulness in the show, and I think the country is experiencing a bit of that right now. Like, ‘Man, the ‘90s were awesome!’”

It isn’t exactly the Clintons, since Weaver has a “libidinous, bigoted ex-husband Bud...and their twin sons – engaged political strategiest Doug...and openly gay train wreck TJ.”

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