Randi Rhodes Interviews Cher, Who Fears Cuts Under 'Teapublican Party' and a GOP That's 'Fifty Shades of White'

It was not exactly a grand summit of the minds when Randi Rhodes welcomed Cher onto her radio show on Wednesday for almost 20 minutes. First Cher worried about food stamp cuts under President Romney: "If 46 million people have food stamps and Mitt Romney said that was the first thing he was gonna do, then what do those people do?"

Rhodes snapped back: "Yeah exactly it’s a good question. What do they do? [Joking] They start eating each other. It is the zombie apocalypse, I am sure. I really am. "

Cher added: "Well, look, I’ve been alive for 12 presidents, and I’ve never seen anything like it. These people are the scariest – this is the scariest time I’ve ever had in my life, and like, I can’t believe – I can’t believe we’re fighting the birth control thing again."  Minutes later, she complained  about pro-lifers: "Poor women have no choice. They’re just going to be subjected to all these rules that these old white guys come up with. How they ever got control of our bodies – I just don’t understand it. How could some guy have control over my reproductive functions?"

Rhodes brought up how Sandra Fluke was called a slut by Rush Limbaugh, and Cher replied, "Who cares what he thinks, truthfully?" Then Rhodes and Cher went on a Glenn Beck-bashing jaunt:

RANDI: It just seemed to me that there's this epidemic of bullying - and that's what I, when I was looking at, you know, what was going on with you, and I was listening to Donald Trump and that mouth...and I'm thinking to myself, she's effing Cher, you're a game show host, shut up! But when I was looking at what was going on I realized, and I wanted to tell you this, just in case you're not aware of the bullying and how it really works. This was all picked up by uh Glenn Beck's website, The Blaze -- and that's where all these lunatics are coming from, okay, all they know how to do is bully people! They -

CHER: Wait a minute - didn't Glenn Beck have like several nervous breakdowns on his television show?
RANDI: I think he's still having a nervous breakdown! He was crying?
CHER: He was like - wasn't he crying and sobbing on his TV show all the time?

RANDI: He has, uh a need for, you know, uh, Prozac or something - he should follow the, the butterfly. I don't know what his deal is, but this is a guy who, you know, if given if he had his TV show he'd probably have your name up there and would drawing lines and connecting you to Woodrow Wilson! I don't understand him! I don't get it! I don't - I don't know what he was driving at, this whole episode, you know, when he got run off of the TV. I really don't know why he's such a case but he's a head case, there's no question.

CHER: You know what really is horrible too - like, you know, this is not the Republican Party of Lincoln or Nixon or Reagan the you know, - they are not the Republican Party, they are the Teapublican party, the Teapublican Party of Joe the Plumber. You know, it's -- it's insane to me and it seems like these are the most extreme people. I was watching this thing about it was a rally where they brought the outhouse -
RANDI: Yes, with the bullet holes in it!
CHER: Yeah, and - and it's - it's just amazing to me. I am in such shock about this that I can't - I keep thinking, this can't be happening and yet it is. It's like, I always thought that George Bush would be my biggest, you know, shock of my lifetime when he was President - but just seems - it seems it would be the good ol days to have him back.

RANDI: Well, I wouldn't go that far dear!


Cher also insisted Mitt Romnney's rallies have no color to them. "You look at all of the stump speeches, and where are the people Where are real people? Where are the Latinos? Where are the Asians? Where are the black people? It’s like fifty shades of white behind him."

Whites aren't "real people"? It's no wonder some called Cher a racist in social media. She replied, "I’m an inclusionist."

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