Food TV Host Marvels: Michelle Obama's the 'Most Humanistic, Charismatic, Caring' Person

Michelle Obama’s showing up on yet another cable reality show, and once again TV Guide is kissing her ring. The new June 11-17 issue carries the headline “A First-class First Lady.” Reporter Oriana Schwindt said the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” will make a new dining room, kitchen and garden for the charity Horton’s Kids in the poor Anacostia neighborhood in Washington, DC, and Michelle came for a few hours to supervise and make her latest cameo.

“I’ve worked for different presidents,” said the program’s host Robert Irvine, “but forget politics – this lady is one of the most humanistic, charismatic, caring people I’ve ever met.” TV Guide wasn’t done:

“She spoke to every child, every worker, every mother,” marvels Irvine, “and didn’t leave, even when she was being pulled left, right, and center by aides and Secret Service.”

If you believe Michelle Obama is just yanked around by the Secret Service like she’s a rag doll, you might also believe she’s one of the most magical people you could ever come across.

The First Lady has made more than 44 cameo TV appearances since moving to the White House. Her Food Network appearance premieres on June 13 at 10 pm/ 9 central.

PS: The Braiser blog says Irvine is not telling the truth when he says he's worked for presidents.

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