Randi Rhodes: George W. Bush, 'The Man Who Destroyed the World'

George W. Bush re-entered the White House the other day to welcome in a new painting that will hang in the executive mansion. The mere thought of this visit sent liberal radio hack Randi Rhodes into a frenzy on Thursday against Bush: "Here's the man who destroyed the world! Truly, financially destroyed the world. He was - you talk about terrorism - economic terrorism - the entire globe is still trying to recover from the policies that America put forward."

Rhodes played prosecutor: "The deregulation of the financial markets - the entire world is still trying to recover from what this guy did and from what this guy didn't do - Osama bin Laden, he left him. Iraq, he left it. Afghanistan - oh, the hell with it. Uh -the financial industry- deregulate - let's - let's have a party! The whole world is trying to recover and he's making jokes, he's making jokes!"

Earlier in the show, she was unloading that "conservatives would love chaos like Somalia" line:

 I don't know why that got you so upset but Somalia doesn't have very much government. And that's the goal for Grover Norquist and his ilk. So if you're down for being a conservative and you find yourself every day saying ' smaller government, smaller government smaller government,' what you're saying is privatize the services of government! Which means private military, which means private firefighting, private jails, private justice system - and it's already privatized enough in- in the way that where if you can't get a lawyer - you get uh - only in a criminal case, by the way, if you're being sued in a civil court you have to get a lawyer.

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