Sunday WashPost Pushes LGBT Agenda With 'Transgender at Five' Story

Somehow, The Washington Post always picks Sundays for articles on how God makes mistakes. Screaming at the top of Sunday’s paper was a picture of a little girl getting her head buzzed with the headline “TRANSGENDER AT FIVE,” and “She first declared she was a boy when she was 2 years old. Her parents brushed it off by slowly concluded this wasn’t just a phase." This wasn't news. It was propaganda, and if you don't like it, they dare you to cancel your subscription.

The article, by liberal Post columnist (and former reporter) Petula Dvorak, naturally referred to how everyone has grown to know “transgenders” from Chaz Bono on “Dancing with the Stars.” It also repeatedly rejected scientific fact in referring to this troubled girl in male terms like “he” and “his” – including the “instructional” video the Post put online.

This sentence was especially odd and emblematic: “But in about five years, they will have to decide whether to put Tyler on puberty blockers to keep his body from maturing and menstruating.”

Dvorak began:

She began to argue vehemently — as only a tantrum-prone toddler can — that she was not a girl.

“I am a boy,” the child insisted, at just 2 years old.

And that made Jean uneasy. It was weird.

“I am a boy” became a constant theme in struggles over clothing, bathing, swimming, eating, playing, breathing.

Jean and Stephen gave up trying to force Kathryn to wear the frilly dresses that Grandma kept sending. Kathryn wanted nothing to do with her big sister Moyin’s glittery, sparkly pink approach to the world.

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Dvorak then explained that Moyin attended school with her son, which is how she came to know this family, and then publicize them on the front page of the Sunday Washington Post – but hiding them behind a cloak of relative anonymity (using their middle names) “to protect their identity beyond their community”– since the world isn’t pro-transgender enough yet.

See? You’re a girl. You have girl parts,” Jean told her big-eyed daughter. “You’ve always been a girl.”

Kathryn looked up at her mom, incomprehension clouding her round face.

“When did you change me?” the child asked.

Clearly, this is a disorder. But the Post explained that the therapists are now organizing to remove the term “disorder” and replace it with “gender incongruence.” This was the first sentence after the jump off the front page, and the propaganda really kicked in:

Was something wrong with Kathryn?

Her little girl’s brain was different. Jean could tell. She had heard about transgender people, those who are one gender physically but the other gender mentally. Who hadn’t caught the transgendered Chaz Bono drama on “Dancing With the Stars”?

“But this young? In kids?” Jean wondered. She had grown up in a traditional family in the Midwest, with a mother who’d gone to medical school after having children. Jean considered herself open-minded, but this was clearly outside her realm of experience.

She went online to see if a book about transgender kids even existed. It did — “The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals.” Its summary read: “What do you do when your toddler daughter’s first sentence is that she’s a boy? What will happen when your preschool son insists on wearing a dress to school? Is this ever just a phase? How can you explain this to your neighbors and family?”


The specialists quoted were all supportive – and so was the Presbyterian church they attend. The “haters” come late in the story, and are painted as thuggish for not understanding the new societal trend. How dare they make the girl wear a leotard! The Post compares it to....a peanut allergy. This is really a very long editorial badly disguised as a news story. If you disagree with the "trans" trend, then you're compared to thugs:

Parents who ignore or deny these problems can make life miserable for their kids, who can become depressed or suicidal, psychiatrists say. Outside their homes, the transgendered are frequently marginalized and scorned, pushed into an underworld, outside of the mainstream. More often than the rest of the population, transgender teens and adults are harassed, assaulted and even killed. Remember that beating caught on video at a Baltimore County McDonald’s last year? Or the off-duty D.C. police officer who was accused of standing on the hood of a car and shooting a transgendered woman through the windshield?

The Washington Post can't allow this subject to be a debate. It has to be all told from the standpoint of "protective" parents who insist the whole society has to adopt this "disorder" as their own.

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