Sharpton Insists Black Ministers Amend Their Religion to Vote for Obama After They Prayed Over Bill Clinton

Via the Radio Equalizer blog: On his radio show Tuesday, MSNBC personality Rev. Al Sharpton mocked black ministers who have decided not to vote for Obama because he's ready to legalize gay marriage in a second term. Ever the Obama loyalist, Sharpton found it more objectionable that black ministers prayed for Bill Clinton after his adultery (and perjury) were exposed -- slobbering and rolling around on the floor, he said of them -- than they would not vote for Obama.

Sharpton can't see that someone might find a greater moral problem in installing "marriage equality" across America than in a president's semi-private sexual incontinence, which is not a legislative issue. Apparently, Sharpton can only see that it's his job to pressure black ministers to toe the line, no matter how far it strays from Christianity (audio below):


AL SHARPTON: When I start hearing people say I disagree with his [Obama] position I’m all right with that. I respect that there are things we can disagree with. But when I hear them say they’re not going to vote ‘cause we prayed for him? I saw black ministers, the same one you naming get around and lay hands and pray for Bill Clinton, when Bill Clinton we know committed a sin and we still voted for him and prayed for him.

So what is the difference in this man [Obama] taking a position and an opinion, not committing the act, just saying I’m all right with the legal right for people to do this and people that have committed acts, we didn’t do that to. That’s why I say a lot of these guys are hypocrites. They had prayer meetings for Bill Clinton! Some of the same ones you talking about. Prayer meetings! Got on their knees, slobbered, and rolling down the floor to keep him on office, when they were trying to impeach him.

Sharpton recently signed an open letter endorsing Obama's new position on same-sex couples:

"We are glad that President Obama has joined Dr. Joseph Lowery, Dr. Julian Bond and so many others in full embrace of equality for gay and lesbian individuals in our country. We also welcome the civil debate on this issue that will surely spring. And we encourage all individuals to keep all issues of import to our communities in mind in the days ahead, and we seek to secure equal justice, opportunity, and dignity for all God’s children."

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