No Better Example of 'Basic Family Values' for NPR: Two Gay Men Using a Surrogate Mom

As usual, it was a panel of three liberal journalists on the domestic politics roundup on NPR's Diane Rehm show. Former New York Times reporter Steve Roberts praised Obama's gay-marriage announcement: "I think he's gone through the evolution a lot of us have, Diane, that when you know people you love and respect, who are in the solid relationships, it becomes increasingly odd and out of keeping with belief in human rights to continue to oppose same-sex marriage. "

In fact, Roberts announced, he recently attended a baby shower held by two gay guys who raised $100,000 for a surrogate mother, and he couldn't think of a better example of commitment to "basic family values" in America:

ROBERTS: I had the experience just recently, a few weeks ago, of being invited to a baby shower. Former student of mine and his partner spent five years saving over $100,000 to afford a surrogate mother who's now pregnant with twins. Now, I looked at that couple, and I thought, "Who else do I know is more committed to basic family values than someone who spends five years saving $100,000 to afford a surrogate mother?" And I think that's a very common experience in America, Diane.

Or at least it's common enough to be a new NBC sitcom called "Two Men And A Surrogate Mom." Well, actually the title is..."The New Normal." If it becomes abnormal for heterosexuals to reproduce with each other, that would be, to quote Steve Roberts, "increasingly odd."

Later in the hour, Roberts confused former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman with Democratic pollster Mark Mellman (no one corrected him):

ROBERTS: What's happening to Republicans, what we were talking about earlier, it's life experience. Dick Cheney is for gay marriage 'cause he has a gay daughter. Mark Mellman, who is the -- ran George Bush's campaigns, came out as gay and is now an advocate for gay marriage and has apologized for some of the things he said.

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