Mike Malloy: Sen. Inhofe Is a 'Pig' Who 'Wants to Die'

Left-wing talk show host Mike Malloy was furious as usual Thursday about EPA administrator Al Armendariz resigning after a kerfuffle over his videotaped statement that he would "crucify" oil companies to set an example. Malloy attacked the Senator who highlighted that video.

"Senator James Inhofe, a pig from Oklahoma who refers to the EPA in a number of ways, but he hates the EPA," Malloy complained. "James Inhofe wants to die breathing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide. He wants to die eating genetically modified food. He wants to die because he can't breathe because there's carcinogens in everything he touches, everything he drinks, everything he eats."

He concluded: "And until that day comes, Inhofe is going to label the EPA as being out of touch with reality."

Malloy then read what Armendariz said in its gory detail: “It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean.  They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them. Then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”

This, to Malloy, was a subtle metaphor. "Intelligent, thinking people" can grasp this (thuggish) analogy, but "right-wingers" can't understand “anything bordering on subtle.” Why? The atheist had a pat answer: “They are stupid, stupid, stupid, and their religious leaders and their political leaders taught them to be that way. Be stupid. Everything in the Bible is inerrant!” The rant continued:

Now the dumbasses in our society and they are legion, they're all right-wingers.Inhofe and the rest of these thugs and then you have this - this clutch of cackling chickens and cowards over at the Murdoch terror broadcast organization and all the little feeder blogs all around that uh, uh scratches through the chicken droppings to find things to send to the right-wing pundits and broadcasters -- and they come up with this. And so then the pressure begins. “He said crucify! He wants to nail people on crosses like our Dear Savior! Oh my God this guy's got to go! What does he want to do, crucify the people who own the oil companies? He does, doesn't he?” This is what they do!

At this point, an adult would stand up and say “sit down and shut your goddamn month” or make them go stand in the corner for acting like two-year-olds  But the Democratic Party is terrified of these swine. I don’t know why. They all ought to be pantsed! Jim Inhofe ought to be stopped in a hallway someplace by a bunch of environmentalists and take his pants off and let him run around the rest of the day in his drawers! That’d straighten him out, wouldn’t it?

So Malloy says the opposition is acting like two-year-olds, and then presents a "solution" straight out of sixth grade. He then recited all of Armendariz's professional credentials, and yelled "Way, way too much intelligence there for Republicans, for right-wingers, for some piece of human dreck like Jim Inhofe!"

Everyone in the conservative media is a moron: "This is how it works. You have this echo chamber in this country which is run by the dumbest bastards that ever got together in an echo chamber."

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