Danish Jon Stewart Mocks Obama on Using Same 'Punch' Lines with Every Ally

Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard suggests something's been found rotten in Denmark -- and it's President Obama' s remarks in front of foreign leaders. Thomas Buch-Andersen, host of the Danish TV show Detektor, mocked President Obama's political rhetoric in a recent episode. With his clips, he's like the Danish Jon Stewart -- minus all the mugging and screaming and F-bombs.

It began with Obama in the Oval Office with Denmark's prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. "That's fairly typical of the way that Danes have punched above their weight in international affairs." It seems everyone is worthy of this patronizing comment. 

"It's nice to be praised," Buch-Andersen remarks. "We punch harder than our weight class would suggest. But how much should we read into his words? According to Obama, are we doing any better than, say, the Norwegians?"

The TV host again turns to the tape, this time showing President Obama in the Oval Office with Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg. "I've said this before, but I want to repeat: Norway punches above its weight," Obama says.

Back to Buch-Andersen. "Hmm. So Norway packs a punch too. But what about the Netherlands? Here, their head of government, Mark Rutte, visits Obama."

The tape rolls yet again. "We have no stronger ally than the Netherlands," says Obama. "They consistently punch above their weight."

The TV host continues, pointing to the similar rhetoric Obama used when Ireland's head of state came to town, and then the Philippines. 

Buch-Andersen wonders aloud, "Maybe the copy key got stuck on the presidential speechwriter's keyboard."

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