Daily Kos Profanely Bashes Brent Bozell

Some days you just have to laugh out loud at the Daily Kos. This morning, the diarist known as "kestrel9000" wrote a blog headlined "Brent Bozell carries Rush's water; draws false equivalency, snarls a lot."  The first words of the article are "To be expected by a right wing s---bag like Bozell, naturally, posting on Newsbusters (of course)".  But then he brilliantly makes Brent's point that everything the Left says is harsher than Limbaugh's speech.

Kestrel quotes Talkers.com warning about the boycott threats: "If one day your programming is poison to sponsors, who's to say my programming won't be tainted next week." Then he pounces: "I can tell you right now MY programming won't be tainted next week, because I have no intention of going on the air and calling someone's daughter a slut and a prostitute." No. He only goes on the Internet and starts by calling Bozell a "s---bag."

After going through the Bozell letter to MSNBC boss Phil Griffin and sneering at passages, he concluded with another S-bomb:

Send away, Bozell. I don't think Comcast or MSNBC are the slightest bit worried about what some relatively unknown conservative s--t slinger throws up on a right wing trash-talker site like Newsbusters, any more than they would worry about an open letter from Corsi or Joseph Farah.

You, however, may continue to sneer, snarl, and dissemble to your heart's content.

Rush Limbaugh will continue to bleed advertisers and support, and ultimately become a liability to the stations that carry his poison, and we will continue to do what we do.

Have a nice day, skippy.

Kestrel's profile at dKos explains: "Born in Stockton, California in 1965, Eddie Garcia (aka kestrel9000) has more issues than Harper's. 'Bizarre' is one of the kinder of many words that have been used to describe him."

He was also a tweeting fan of this pile of profanity.

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