Ed Schultz Brings On a Wolffe to Howl at 'Delusional' and 'Crazy' Sarah Palin

On Thursday's Ed Show on MSNBC, Ed Schultz introduced a Sarah Palin segment in the usual way: "And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – America's worst nightmare could come true." Palin had told Eric Bolling on Fox Business that she might be willing to emerge if there's a brokered convention in Tampa this August.

Schultz called her "the entitlement candidate. She doesn't work for it by going through a messy primary and caucuses. She is only interested in campaigning for two months and serving for two years like she did when she was governor of Alaska." Then Schultz turned to former Newsweek reporter and current MSNBC political analyst Richard Wolffe to bring his British-accented smackdown, calling Palin "delusional" three times and "crazy" twice, including the accusation that her alleged insanity has been topped: "her brand of craziness has now been trumped by a whole bunch of other people."

After Schultz played a clip of Palin announcing she has "fire in her belly" to help out if the party can't decide on a nominee, Wolffe declared

WOLFFE: I have no idea what scenario she was painting. If she thinks she's going to light up the convention floor with speeches like that, all credit to her. But, you know, things have moved on. I know that you can be delusional. Maybe you`re delusional just by being Sarah Palin but you can be delusional because people are out there, thousands of them, chanting your name when you get picked to run for vice president or you actually run for president, something she didn't do.

But anyway, that delusional aspect is hard to shake off and for her I think she doesn't realize the country has moved on, the party has moved on and her brand of craziness has now been trumped by a whole bunch of other people.

Schultz asked whether she should get another try-out as a vice-presidential candidate:

SCHULTZ: Would it be smart for the nominee to put her on the ticket again and let her run wild so to speak. You know, we keep hearing stories about how she was pretty much harnessed as far as a candidate is concerned and not being able to speak freely on the campaign trail. Would she be a good VP say, for Romney or Santorum?

WOLFFE: Well, I don`t know. She said she was harnessed. I mean. The people who worked with her in that McCain campaign said that she just couldn`t speak for herself. So, what were they harnessing here? There's a difference of opinion on that one.

Look. She has 60 percent disapproval among the general electorate. So, you would have to be pretty weak as a nominee to think that you need the conservative base that she would bring with her for all of the people that she would alienate. And again, you know. She is old school crazy and extreme. You know, she goes after fruit flies. Today's Republicans go after birth control. She's so behind the times.

For those of you who don't speak Palin Hater, liberals took after Palin in 2008 when she mocked earmark spending to study the fruit fly.

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