On MSNBC, Journalist Asks About Bachmann: 'We Will Be Rid of This Woman for Good?'

The loathing for Michele Bachmann flowed on The Ed Show on MSNBC on Wednesday night. Host Ed Schultz insisted Bachmann would make mischief for Mitt Romney: "Some of the things, Jonathan, she`s said on the campaign trail, I just don`t see her in any way, shape or form getting behind Mitt Romney."

Former Newsweek writer Jonathan Alter replied; "It doesn't matter whether she does. You know, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't she not standing for re-election to the House? Is it possible that finally we will be rid of this woman for good?"

Schultz said, "Well, I think -- I think she beat the deadline. I think she`s OK, that she could run for reelection in the House." Alter added, "Maybe that's why she got out." In fact, Bachmann has until June 5 to file for re-election in Minnesota, so that's no reason to drop out in the first week of January. Schultz wondered if she might take on first-term Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

SCHULTZ: There are going to be lot of people who are going to want her to run for the Senate seat against Amy Klobuchar, because that has not been decided. And she can raise a lot of money. And she's done that a lot. What is her future? Is she still a viable person. I mean, she's ahead of the Tea Party Caucus in the Congress.

ALTER: She's headed for being a kind of a junior minor league Sarah Palin. She'll do well on the lecture circuit. Maybe she can get a reality show going. I don`t think she'll do well statewide against Amy Klobuchar. I think Amy Klobuchar will stomp her, should she run against her for the Senate.

BILL BURTON, former Obama staffer: That`s right. Amy Klobuchar is one of the toughest senators in the United States Senate. Michele Bachmann has basically gone around the country and embarrassed the state of Minnesota.

JOY-ANN REID, former Obama staffer: She barely won her seat last time. She barely squeaked through.

In fact, Bachmann won by more than 12 points.

Here's a few other notes from the world of liberal talk on Wednesday:

On the Bill Press show, Press suggested Condoleezza Rice shouldn't be talked about as a vice-presidential candidate, since she should be in jail:  "Leading the list so far, Sen. John Thune from South Dakota who was in Iowa over the weekend campaigning with Mitt Romney. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, of course, who has been campaigning with Mitt Romney now for a couple of months. Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida, the most talked about Hispanic in Republican politics and former Secretary of State Condi Rice. Oh my God! I thought she was in jail, or maybe she should be, but she’s not."

Speaking of jail, Thom Hartmann was caricaturing Rick Santorum as the man who'll put wayward Americans in jail if they're caught with condoms on the nightstand: "Rick Santorum has said that he's against big government if it's helping people, but he's in favor of big government if it's police kicking in the door to your bedroom to see if you, as a married couple, have any condoms in your drawer next to your bed, 'cause if you do, you're gonna go to jail."

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