CNN's Blitzer Lets Debbie Wasserman Schultz Insist on Cain Disclosure, Forgets She Wanted Weiner Left Alone

Colby Hall at Mediaite highlighted how Democratic Party Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz went on The Situation Room on CNN on Friday and trashed Herman Cain for using the word "princess" for Nancy Pelosi: “I thought it was a pretty callous, sexist throwaway line.” Then Wolf Blitzer allowed her to unload a wagon of talking points against the entire GOP field for 66 seconds. When he then asked if she believed Cain or his accusers, she insisted “I think Herman Cain needs to come clean and address them and say far more than he’s said already.”

Mediaite and CNN have short memories, since Wasserman Schultz embarrassed herself back in June by insisting Anthony Weiner didn't have to share anything with the public...other than the bulge pictures he'd already posted on Twitter. Blitzer should have remembered -- since she refused to offer a Weiner opinion on CNN, as Blitzer repeatedly asked for one:

WOLF BLITZER: Let's talk about your colleague, Anthony Weiner. I noticed on the House floor, you had an animated conversation with him today. What were you talking to him about?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I was actually just talking to him about the votes that we were -- that we were casting at the moment. And just, you know, kibitzing with him a little bit. But you know, what Anthony Weiner is dealing with right now is a personal matter, and that's -- that's where it should be left.

BLITZER: Listen to what Steny Hoyer said today. He gave him some advice. He's the number two Democrat in the House. I'll play the clip.

REP. STENY HOYER: He and I had a discussion. I told him that he needed to handle this and need to give the facts to the public.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Has he done that to your satisfaction?

HOYER: Frankly, I've not been following it. [!] So I don't know whether he's done that.

BLITZER: Do you agree with Steny Hoyer?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Like I said, I think this is a personal matter, and that's how it should be left.

BLITZER: Because Eric Cantor, the Republican, the majority leader in the House of Representatives, he says that Anthony Weiner has a lot more explaining to do, if you will.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Anthony Weiner is dealing with a personal matter, and it should be left as a personal matter.

BLITZER: Do you believe that someone did hack into his account and -- and send out that picture, as he says?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I think Anthony Weiner is dealing with a personal matter and that is where it should be left.

In a CNN blog, reporter Dana Bash quoted a harsher version. The DNC chair said it was “inappropriate” for other members of Congress to discuss: "It's his Twitter account. It's his deal. It's personal. It's not something that's appropriate for another member to comment on. It's something he is dealing with personally and that's where I think it should be left." 

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