Liberal Radio's Randi Rhodes Finds 'Class Warfare' in Oakland Police Response

On Wednesday, liberal talk radio host Randi Rhodes found nothing wrong with Occupy Oakland protesters throwing rocks and bottles at police (and even Mother Jones confirms that). She seemed to ignore reality entirely, asking “If you conservatives are so against class warfare, why are the cops using warfare tactics against peaceful demonstrators?”

Some may have been peaceful, but the police didn’t fight back because the protesters were all “peaceful.” But Rhodes was on a roll: “Why warfare? Why rubber bullets or any kind of bullets? Why tear gas or any kind of gas? What is the justification for throwing these, uh, concussion bombs at women -- and children? I don't get it!”

Shouldn't we really ask for tax returns before we assume that the lower classes are heavily represented in radical-left protest audiences in Oakland? Aren't there probably a few Berkeley trust-fund dilettantes in there? Rhodes also turned it around and hit Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for somehow being both anti-police with his budget cut proposals and yet still being like the police in abusing the little people:

That is one mean man. I gotta say, uh their story line is that there must be some villain out there who's keeping this Administration from succeeding. And if Mitch McConnell isn't, uh you know, in that role, then stop auditioning for it Mitch! I mean, this is unbelievable he's calling an effort to save the jobs of first responders a bailout? Seriously! Cops and fireman are people! They're the ones who bail us out when things go wrong! Those protesters out on the street are making that point every single day -- and what's crazy is they're getting it from all sides! They're getting it from Mitch McConnell and they're getting it from the police beating into their heads!

On Wednesday’s edition of the Mike Malloy show, there was more Fox News-bashing, but the twist this time was getting out a bar of "pumice-powered" Lava soap, that scratchy white bar you’d use for washing calloused dirty hands.

“I'd like to get someone, anyone at Fox News, I don't care who it is. Rupert Murdoch, all the way down food chain to this little prick Sean Hannity...just let me have one of these people. Let me have them alone in a bathroom with a big old cake of Lava soap. And don't worry how I'll do it, but I will guarantee you I will pry their mouth open and wash their mouths out for the lies that they tell, for the destruction that they're doing to this society. As Steve Jobs told Rupert Murdoch, you have become a destructive force in this society. No kidding.

Rounding up with the more obscure radio hosts, Andre Eggleston, subbing in for Al Sharpton, suggested the Republicans don’t even believe in black people’s right to exist: “You know I contend that the Republicans don't respect us (blacks) anymore. They don't respect our vote. They don't respect our right even to exist. They keep making up legislation to try to be a remedy for problems that don't really exist.”

The cause, predictably, was Republican plans to require voter identification, which the overdramatic black radicals are now calling “electoral genocide,” as if they live in the United States of Rwanda.

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