Kal Penn: GOP Debates 'Broke My Heart'

Strangely claiming to still be an "independent," actor-slash-Obama-advisor Kal Penn wrote for the God's Politics blog on September 29 that his heart was broken by the crowds at Republican debates, but urged  Obama's young voters it's "time to re-engage!" That doesn't sound very "independent" of Obama at all.

But, then "Kumar" of the marijuana-addled "Harold and Kumar" movies has only donated to Democrats. That would include this piece:

It broke my heart when I watched the Republican presidential debates and saw some people in the audience applaud the notion that young Americans without health care should be left to die. It saddened me this week when they booed a brave service member fighting for us overseas just because he happens to be gay.

Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent like me, our generation cannot let the president’s strong vision be undone after everything we have fought for and won. We inherited debt, wars, a bickering political system, and a dangerous growing gap between those at the very top and everyone else. But we have achieved incredible successes, and have so much more left to still do. It’s not right to roll that back.

I’ve been motivated by the reality that progress is possible with a leader who understands what’s at stake. But progress is never easy, which is all the more reason to keep a focus on positivity and abandon cynicism.

Penn even thinks the media isn't pro-Obama enough:

The news media rarely cover good stories about youth issues these days, but recently, several outlets did report on the success of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on young adults. Since the bill’s passage in 2010, nearly one million more young adults have obtained health care coverage.

By giving people under 26 the security of knowing they can use their parents’ insurance policies, our generation will no longer be at the mercy of insurance companies and won’t have to go without health coverage as we start our careers. These reported numbers of newly insured young people are incredible, and clearly illustrate how President Obama’s vision for a country with quality and affordable health care for all is becoming a reality.

Despite these big steps in the right direction, our work is far from over. If some members of Congress or other presidential contenders get their way and repeal important legislation such as The Affordable Care Act, or reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, these positive changes will be taken away from millions of Americans who have new found security.

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