Randi Rhodes: That Racist, Rush Limbaugh, Looks Like a Serial Killer

On Thursday's edition of the Randi Rhodes radio show, the liberal hate was flowing. Rhodes suggested Rush Limbaugh was a racist for being offended by Obama's transparent scheduling-over-the-debate ploy, and she suggested he facially resembled the serial child-molester/murderer John Wayne Gacy.

She also agreed with Rep. Maxine Waters that the Tea Party should go to Hell -- and will, in the long run, since they are obstructing disaster aid for spending offsets: "I don't think Jesus said 'Let people drown'!"

Here's the Gacy part:

RHODES: you know who he looks like, tell you the truth?


RHODES: John Wayne Gacy!

CALLER: Yeah! It's really creepy lately...

RHODES: Every time I look at him now I see John Wayne Gacy! You know - because he's got a webcam - that, you know whenever they uh show what he said on the radio, they are able to show the video. Every time I look at him now he looks like John Wayne Gacy in a polo shirt!

And the racist-Rush section:

RHODES: And yes, we've never had a black president before! You know - I don't think Republicans would have ever reacted to the timing of the speech like this if it weren't for the fact that the President of the United States is black -- and yes, I'm saying that partly to annoy conservatives by reminding them that the President of the United States is black! That piece of crap that only sees skin color, Rush Limbaugh, reacted to President Obama's request yesterday by saying no genuine President would have done that - no genuine! You see, he's got a question whether or not this President is legitimate!

You can't even suggest Obama's transparent scheduling isn't presidential. That's racist. Apparently, any criticism of Obama is proof of racism to Randi Rhodes. Later, a caller brought up the comments from Rep. Maxine Waters that the Tea Party should go to hell, and Randi agreed with the sentiment:

RHODES: They should go to hell! They are obstructing progress for people who are drowning in Vermont! And they will go hell in the end because I don't think Jesus said let people drown!

On Friday, Rhodes didn't deal well with the news that there were no job gains at all. In a post on her website, she blamed the Republicans, and said it was what they wanted:

We did nothing last month. Or to be more accurate, Republicans managed to exactly undo everything we did. All we can do is play the “glass half full” game. Yes, the zero means that we didn’t add any jobs last month. But it also means we didn’t lose any jobs. The sad thing is that these crappy numbers are partly due to the fact that the Republicans spent a good chunk of the month holding the nation hostage to the debt ceiling increase. The sadder thing is that that was their plan. By the way, these employment numbers are compiled by the Department of Labor. If Republicans were totally in charge, you can be sure you wouldn’t be seeing numbers like this. You wouldn’t be seeing any numbers, because Republicans would get rid of the Department of Labor.

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