What, the Frack? Thom Hartmann Blames Earthquake on Fracking for Gas

Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer offered the latest in liberal earthquake conspiracy theories: liberal radio host Thom Hartmann has found the cause, and it is "fracking" for natural gas. This is becoming a pet cause on the left, leading some to sue fracking energy companies for earthquake damage.

Maloney began with sarcasm: "Thank goodness our 'progressive friends are a go-to source on 'science,' a subject we conservatives adamantly oppose." Hartmann doesn't care if you call him a conspiracy theorist:

I still wonder if fracking had something to do with the [East Coast] earthquake that we experienced yesterday. You know, fracking is pumping enormous amounts of water and noxious chemicals into the ground at high pressure, to break up the rock.

If you're breaking up the rock underground, doesn't it make sense that the ground would move? I mean, call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I wonder if two plus two equals four here.

Hartmann referred to a Daily Kos post about an earthquake in 1967 allegedly caused by chemical weapons makers. You can find that here.

Thom Hartmann
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