Sharpton Claims Herman Cain's Too Racially Obsessed

There are few things in the political world that are stranger than Al Sharpton charging that someone else is too obsessed about race. But that was Al Sharpton's take on Herman Cain on his radio show on Friday:

This is what he’s done several times. He first went on Jon Stewart, I mean not went on Jon, but I mean he got into it with Jon saying that he that they, ah, liberal media didn’t want, hated seeing a black conservative, but he doesn’t want to bring up race. Well, he had just brought it up. Now he goes on a diatribe about the President and him and who’s black and whether who’s the strong black, but then he doesn’t want to bring in race.

It’s almost like I’m gonna call you two or three names, but then say I don’t want to get into name calling when I’m the one who brought it up. Nobody’s brought up in the discussion about race anything but Herman Cain.

This matches Al's denunciation of Cain when he was guest-hosting on The Ed Show last week on MSNBC. This week, Sharpton is subbing for Cenk (It's pronounced Jenk, not Chunk) Uygur:

Starting Tuesday all next week I'm gonna be guest hosting again on MSNBC, but this time at six o' clock. I told them anytime they go I want because we need to keep out voice out there. You know they only try t have civil rights folks out when there's a crisis. So when people there (msnbc) tell me, well would you mind filling in for me, I take it. As long as I can bring up issues I want like this week we did a thing on the prison industrial complex. Last night I had Michael Eric Dyson on. So six o' clock Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, six to seven, I'll be on MSNBC as the host and we're going to bring a lot of issues and I'm gonna be all up in the right wing's stud all next week on MSNBC.

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