CNN's Piers Morgan Tweets Back at Barbs from 'Reactionary' Ann Coulter

The "Yeas & Nays" gossip column at the Washington Examiner captured the latest Ann Coulter fighting with the media "mainstream" on Tuesday:

When Ann Coulter stopped by the Heritage Foundation Friday, Yeas & Nays reported that she called CNN's Piers Morgan "stupid." "But I don't mind stupid people," she added. (Coulter was annoyed that Morgan asked her about her personal life during an appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight" in early June.) On Monday, Morgan caught wind of the story and shot back at the acid-tongued blond via Twitter. "Ann Coulter calls ME 'stupid,'" he wrote, followed by the sarcastic hashtag #LikeBeingCalledRecklesslyLustfulByWeiner.

Three hours later, the Brit tweeted that he had booked Coulter to appear on his show for round two. "In boxing parlance, I'm gonna whip her sorry reactionary a--. Again," the CNN host wrote. Morgan gave no official date for the rematch, but said it would take place in three weeks time.

CNN has confirmed the interview, while Coulter says she is waiting for approval from Morgan's timeslot competitor Sean Hannity. "Must check with Hannity first," Coulter told us in an email. "I'm his b----."

Morgan's latest acerbic tweet: "Looking forward to our rematch in LA on July 13 @AnnCoulter -- you getting nervous?" It had the hashtag "intellectual medics on standby."

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