Randi Rhodes: The GOP's 2012 Strategy Is 'To Starve You!'

On her Friday show, liberal talk radio host and that renowned economist Randi Rhodes – okay, she had no academic credentials and never went to college – but she insists that America urgently needs a second “stimulus,” but won’t get one because the Republican 2012 plan is “to starve you!...So be it, said John Boehner.”

The problem is the American people are getting hip to this - they're starting to figure it out, economists are writing about it, Wall Street Journal's written about it - the fact that we don't have a second stimulus is so ridiculously stupid, that we don't have any investment in our people.

We have no investment in infrastructure happening now. We have no investment in closing tax loopholes now. We have no investment in education now. We have no investment in anything that is meaningful or long-lasting now. Why? Because the Republican plan to win the White House in 2012 is to starve you! That's it! That simple! So be it, said John Boehner.

Earlier in the show, she insisted the GOP plan was for America’s economy to falter badly, so Obama fails, which is their “wet dream.” Somehow, in Randi-land, you spend a trillion dollars in stimulus to "get tax revenues back up." Perhaps a college course or two would help:

They won't do another stimulus and we desperately need one if only to get tax revenues back up because when people are working, they are paying taxes, when they're not, they're not! And they like it like this - this is exactly their wet dream! Remember, they said their goal was to see Obama fail! That means to see you fail because Obama is president for all the people! So if he fails all the people because Congress won't help him help the people, then they will be happy.

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