On Twitter, Katie Couric Wonders If Weinergate Is a 'Legit News Story'

Due to perpetually low ratings, we won’t see how former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric would dismiss Weinergate. But on her Twitter page on Thursday, Couric tweeted: “I'm curious if anybody thinks this Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal is a legit news story or just fodder for late-night comedians...thoughts?”

So much for Couric's Twitter motto: "True journalism separates fact from fiction. Passionate about discovering what makes the world tick."  Like many liberals (and feminists), Couric somehow can’t believe this could be true, that a 46-year-old married Member of Congress would be stupid and creepy enough to send a crotch picture to a college student young enough to be his daughter. What if Weiner had bulge-tweeted her 19-year-old daughter?

Resident MRC night owl Brent Baker noted to me that most late-night comedians are off this week (except Stewart and Colbert). We can remember how Couric joined the Republican-bashing media herd in making an enormous deal out of Rep. Mark Foley’s creepy Internet messages to congressional pages and Sen. Larry Craig’s restroom toe-tapping. But she apparently would be tempted to skip this one, just like NBC’s Brian Williams.

When one of her fans replied, "Of course it's not real news. You shouldn't even have to ask," Couric suggested she just wanted to hear the vox populi: "I'm asking cuz it's interesting to hear a variety of opinions...including yours!" There were some other doozy tweets in agreement:

AmberNoone: FODDER. The man's brilliant. Let's just believe him and stop BULLYING everyone!!

BenBryant13: Fear media has made story out of accusation that now tars Weiner for having a fun private life. No hypocrisy/infidelity so far.

DeMo2009: Weiner story is fodder, but Fox Noise making it a world ending event.

Nevertheless, there were a few less partisan answers: 

Pegcor: I do believe it is legit. If any teacher were to do it they would be fired & government reps should be held to same standards

And the conservative rebuttal:

ReaderOtweets: Earth to Katie: THIS is why no one watched you on CBS!

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