Randi Rhodes: Conservatives Would Oppose Shakespeare...and 'Want to Shoot Congressmen and Poets'

You might think most rappers aren’t exactly Shakespeare, but left-wing radio talker Randi Rhodes was implying that connection on Wednesday when it came to the rapper Common’s "poetry" at the Obama White House. "He’s brilliant, he’s absolutely brilliant," she asserted. And conservatives would oppose Shakespeare, too:

Look, the conservatives, if Shakespeare were alive, and he went to the White House to get, you know, some sort of a reading, they would be outraged about him -- talking about killing his brother, and the father had to go, and a mother he slept with -- They'd be out of their fricking minds with this. They don't understand culture! Or literature!

Rhodes also asserted on Wednesday that it was somehow a Tea Party member that shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

She played old audio of Judson Phillips being verbally abused by Chris Matthews about why anyone would bring a firearm to a political rally. Rhodes added:

And then sometimes they actually use it to shoot a Congressmember in the face! Ya know, sometimes they actually do that.

It didn't matter to Rhodes that Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter of Giffords and the killer of a federal judge and several others, seemed to hate President Bush as much as Giffords. Then, for a couple of minutes, Rhodes praised MSNBC’s Martin Bashir for suggesting to former Rep. Tom Tancredo that perhaps he wanted President Obama dead, since he declared him a greater threat to America than Osama bin Laden. (Ouch. Tancredo's declaration that the president is a more urgent danger glaringly ignored that Obama never killed more than 3,000 Americans and so loses hands down in a more-evil contest.)

In that interview, Tancredo insisted that if President Bush had been at the helm when Obama was shot, it would have been protested by the Left as an assassination, just as they tolerate continued incarceration of terror suspects under Obama (but it was an American "gulag" under Bush.) Rhodes somehow mangled that into Tancredo opposed the Osama takedown, and repeated the Giffords crack:

They're not trying to make a political threat, and oops, my gun went off in your face! Well, oops a gun went off in Osama's face and we're like wrong. They want to shoot Congressmen and poets but not Bin Laden or anyone from al-Qaeda? They are so confusing!

Rhodes is confused all right, but you can’t blame the conservatives for that.  

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