Randi Rhodes Insists Bush Team Knew For Years of Osama's Suburban Location

Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer blog found the latest lunacy from libtalker Randi Rhodes on her Thursday show. Rhodes is lecturing the conservatives that she has the "facts" that George W. Bush and his administration knew that Osama bin Laden was cooling his heels in Abbotabad for years. She's embraced the full-crazy Michael Moore theory that Bush really had no interest in justice for Osama:

You've got some facts you can really play with, go nuts on your blackboard, OK - Rush, you too, sit up and take notice! Here's facts: 2005, no one's left at the Bin Laden desk, they close it. 2005 is when they start building this compound in Abbottabad for Osama bin Laden.

Pervez is scared of a coup d'etat so he won't get -- he is the obstacle the CIA keeps identifying over and over again about why won't they get Osama Bin Laden, they he's in Pakistan, everyone knows he's in Pakistan.

2008. Bush makes the decision to send our troops over to Abbottabad to train the guys in the 'West Point' there, 800 yards from Osama Bin Laden's door.

And Christiane Amanpour goes on Bill Maher and says, 'Listen, I heard from people in the know that Osama Bin Laden is living in a villa in Pakistan!" So, if you want a conspiracy theory, it's gonna to lead you right back to the Bush Administration KNOWING where Osama Bin Laden was, that he was in Pakistan, the whole - ever since he fled Tora Bora, that he knew the whole time...

Because he knew where he was! He was with the Pakistani military and they were guarding him, they were keeping him safe, they were protecting him, and the United States of America had reached an agreement that they needed a bogeyman, so what the hell, let the Pakistanis keep him, let the Pakistanis have him, keep him in this military garrison town, we'll even send our troops over there to pretend that, you know, uh, we had no idea!

Maloney concluded: "Yes, it makes perfect sense to believe Bush would have happily reserved the glory of Osama's capture for the next president to enjoy!" 

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